Color your world!

Color!  We love it!  There is nothing better to enhance a mood or your sense of well being.   Think of places around the globe like Spain, Morocco, Mexico and the Southwest region of  the US and immediately certain colors and cultures come to mind.  Color gives us a sense of place.  Don't be afraid to use it in your space whether it is in one room or many.  It is the least expensive way to create the most impact.  Whether you're trying to emanate a certain mood i.e. calm in the bedroom, drama in the entry or emphasize a geographical place or culture (Spanish, Country French, African etc.) , experiment and have fun.  We are strong believer's in reflecting 'your' personal style and what makes 'you' tick!  So what are you waiting for?


Here are some photos from my trip to Spain…


        Seville interior      Don't forget the ceilings!        White has its place too!

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